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5 Reasons to Breakup with Your Girlfriend at an Escape Room

Have you read why escape rooms are perfect for first dates? Well guess what!? They’re also a perfect place to plan a break-up. Don’t be lazy with a text message or email break-up. It’s time to break-up in style.

She Can’t Hurt You

If you start off in “An Hour to Kill,” she’ll be in handcuffs, and cannot physically harm you. If you do it in “The Villain’s Lair,” you both begin in separate jail cells, so you’ll be protected.

A Reason to Break-up

You can handicap your performance and fail to escape. Point out lack of communication as the main reason to break it off.


If you wait until after you’ve successfully escaped the room, then at least her last memory of you will be a fond one, because you are guaranteed to have a good time.

You Get the Room for an Hour

Haven’t fully planned out how to break the news? No need to spend an awkward dinner figuring out what to say. You will have sixty whole minutes to do it.

Hint Button

You can always call for help. If she starts beating you up you can press the hint button. Or if you’re at a loss for words, you can ask your game master to break the bad news.

Whether you’re planning a first date, a breakup, or anything in between, we look forward to seeing you soon at one of our escape rooms!



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