13th Basement


13th Basement

A Comedic Horror Escape Room Experience

(Difficulty 1/3) - 63% Pass Rate


Do serial killers have hobbies? Of course, they do! This one is obsessed with Escape Rooms, so he built his own. You only have 60 minutes to get out if you want to survive. Can you solve the puzzles created by this psychotic Escape Room enthusiast?

Tickets - Booking Information

  • 3*-8 players - call us for groups over 8

  • Price per Person: $35 - ($38 per person starting Jan1st 2023)

  • 60-minute time limit

  • Games are currently always private

  • All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. Please be absolutely certain of the number of players in your party. 

  • Rescheduling must be done in a timely manner. Rescheduling is possible with a nominal $50 rescheduling fee.  

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the game.  The game starts promptly at the reservation time and players need to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time to check-in. Late arrivals will not be accepted.

  •  Recommended for ages 13 and up for some mild blood and gore, and some adult language. 

  • There is NO actor in the room.

  • Your party is split up at the beginning of the game.

  • The game has some minor jump scares/loud noises and most of the game is played in low lighting; there is also some crawling involved (optional if you are unable). The game is intended to be creepy but not scary. Please contact us for additional details. 

  • Wheelchair-friendly game. Please give at least 24 hrs advance notice so we can make a few adjustments to accommodate your group.

  • *The game is possible for groups of 2 but there is a 3-person puzzle that can be very challenging for only 2 players

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