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Top 10 Reasons Exit Game is the Best Escape Room in Los Angeles for Beginners

Have you heard about escape rooms from friends and how fun they are? Of course you have! You are also probably having a difficult time finding the right place for your first escape adventure. Whether you're planning a birthday party or a first date, read on to discover why Exit Game is the perfect escape room for beginners!

1. We have five (5) very uniquely themed games to suit a wide variety of interests. The one characteristic that a vast majority of our customers share is that they love games! Specifically, strategy or puzzle games. Our games range from the very traditional room escape with “The Lab,” based on physical locks, keys, and clues-- to the extremely high-tech “A.I.” (stands for artificial intelligence), where the entire experience is controlled via computer. Think of it as playing around with Jarvis from the Ironman movies but the robot may not be on your side! At Exit Game, we also don’t miss the chance to stay relevant with current events-- so in ‘The Villain’s Lair,” you get the opportunity to break out of a North Korean prison and stop a nuclear missile launch.

2. Difficulty levels range from easy to very hard. You can start with one of our easier games like “A.I.” or “The Lab,” and progress to a more challenging one like “An Hour to Kill,” or our most difficult escape room, “Villain’s Lair,” with only a 23% pass rate. Although nothing is stopping you from starting with the hardest game, we don’t recommend it! Our easier games were designed to guide you along initially with increasing difficulty in the puzzles. The harder games assume you are a veteran player and the puzzles assume some familiarity with the escape room scenarios.

3. There are no “jump scares” in any of our escape room games. We are not a haunted house, so our goal is not to scare you to death like some escape rooms in LA. There are other escape rooms that exist solely to provide a frightening experience. Instead of scaring people, our escape room games are based on strategy and teamwork. However, that being said, we do have some future plans for horror rooms. Join our mailing list to see the newest. We have several games in development and others that are completely done and waiting to be built.

4. Kid-tested, mommy-approved. Even though our games were initially designed with the adult gamer in mind, all of our room escapes have evolved to be both challenging for adults yet safe for children. The Harry Potter series of books and movies, for example appeals to people of all ages. Thus our “School of Sorcery,” an immersive Harry Potter inspired escape room, is loved by anyone who enjoys magic (hey, just because we become adults doesn’t mean we can’t become wizards).

5. All of our games are designed to be solved with a group of friends. Thus, NOT single-player. Only Lab 51 can be completed solo (and only ONE Player has successfully completed it solo). All our other escape games can be beaten with (2) people. So, in a way, we force you to be social-- which, in this day in age, is not a bad thing. Especially when it comes to gaming. In fact, our “room escapes” provide a great way to reconnect with close friends in an exciting new way. With technology how it is these days, even with so many ways to “connect” via social media, our iPhones tend to isolate us more than they connect us. The more time you spend on Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram, means the less time you actually spend hanging out with your friends and having fun.

6. Speaking of fun, we are SURE you will have fun-- even if you DO NOT escape. Each escape room is designed with a series of mini-puzzles, in the sense that you must solve one puzzle to get to the next. Hints are given to you in a variety of ways, some subtle, some not so-- this makes it super exciting for you to physically discover clues. So, even if you do not completely escape within the allotted time, you will have played through many of the mini-puzzles. For example, in “An Hour to Kill,” our newest James Bond inspired escape room, there are at least fourteen (14) individual puzzles that must be solved.

7. Our rooms have been battle tested, a lot. Being one of the oldest escape rooms in Los Angeles, we have had tens of thousands of people play through our games. All this customer feedback has allowed Exit Game to tailor each game to provide the best overall experience. Even a greatly designed game can encounter unforeseen obstacles in a real life situation. Whether we have had to add extra puzzles to games which were too easy or had to improve clues to make the most difficult games easier, our goal has remained the same-- to deliver a superior customer experience. Having amassed over 500 Yelp reviews (as of the writing of this article) with almost a 5-star average rating, we believe we are delivering on our promise. Our “A.I.” game even has two (2) difficulty modes. Players all start in the “easy” mode, and if they progress fast enough through the puzzles, then “hard mode” automatically kicks in. Thus, in a very appropriate “machine learning” way, this particular escape room adjusts to the abilities of our players.

8. Lots of room (and many rooms) to explore! Being the largest escape room in Los Angeles with over 7,000 square feet (that’s about 7x’s the size of an average apartment or 4x’s the size of a home), you won’t feel cramped. (spoiler alert… not really) All of our individual escape room games actually each have multiple rooms to escape from. We thought just one (1) “escape room” was boring-- so we made the best use of our space and made each game into a multi-roomed experience. A challenge for all Los Angeles escape rooms is SPACE-- real estate is limited and expensive in Los Angeles. With careful selection, we have a location that is both very close to all the action (5 minutes from downtown Los Angeles) as well as large enough to provide the most awesome experience possible. We can accommodate over sixty (60) players at once, making Exit Game a perfect venue for birthday parties and corporate team-building events.

9. Experience a real life video game. The devil is in the details-- you will feel like you are on a Hollywood movie set. Each prop is meticulously selected to improve the overall ambiance. The point of “getting off the couch” is not simply just to physically experience something. At Exit Game we want you to totally immerse yourself in the experience, like you are actually inside a video game. We put as much time into designing the look and feel of the game as the puzzles. From the lights and colors, to the furniture and props, every aspect of each escape room is carefully hand-picked.

10. You can ask for hints! Last but not least-- you definitely CAN escape if you really want to. So, don’t be shy, and hit the “hint button” when you need one, and one of our staff members will provide you with a subtle clue to help walk you through to the next phase of the escape game. Although we allow you to ask for one (1) hint every ten (10) minutes-- those who escape the room having used only 1 hint get to be immortalized on our Leaderboard!

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