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Exit Game OC opened its doors on September 25th, 2021 was created by long-time enthusiasts Christine Barger-Lutes & Jeremiah Lutes. It was obvious to anyone that knows the couple that the first escape room they would create would be in the horror genre as they both LOVE haunted houses and horror movies. They plan to design & build 3 escape games in the location on White Star in Anaheim. 

Jeremiah Lutes loves interactive and immersive storytelling, whether it's immersive theater, haunted houses, or escape rooms. He has a passion for all things horror and has been involved horror movie industry where he did the casting for Full Moon Features. He is excited to now be working with his wife to create immersive escape room experiences for everyone to enjoy. 

Christine Barger one of the owners of Exit Game OC escape room in Anaheim

Christine Barger-Lutes favorite things to do at the escape room are art & social media. She has been a content creator personally on social media platforms for years. She is also an actor & ventriloquist. She has shared her passion through her blog/youtube channel The Haunt Girl over the past 9 years by covering hundreds of haunted attractions & escape rooms that she's been to. Christine loves the escape room community & is incredibly grateful to be a part of it as a player & owner. 

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