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The World’s First Escape Room for Cats

After serving human customers for the past few years, almost the entire population of Los Angeles has played our escape rooms. That’s the problem that all escape rooms suffer from-- that we’re always constantly searching for new players. Since we were running low on human customers, we decided to capitalize on Los Angeles’ huge cat population.

Upon doing market research, we found that there were a lot of dog parks out there, but no kitty parks. There are actually very few places where cats and their owners can go to have fun. We thought, why not build an amusement park for cats? We would be the only one, so surely it has to be successful!

So here we are. After months of planning, we have redesigned all of our games and retrofitted them with cat puzzles. Most of the rooms will require the cooperation of at least two cats to successfully escape.

We have strategically placed litter boxes and water bowls throughout the rooms so you can leave yours at home. You can, however, bring your cat’s favorite food, since we know that cats are picky about that!

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