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Guide to Horror Escape Rooms in Southern California

The Los Angeles and surrounding area has many amazing horror-themed games. Some are scarier than others. I'm the horror escape room go-to person in my friend group, so I often get questions about the local horror games. "How scary is the escape room? Are there actors? Will they touch me?" We thought it would be helpful to share this little guide on our blog in case you have the same questions.

Here’s our guide to horror-themed games. It will help you decide what to play and what to avoid based on your preferences.

Exit Game OC the 13th Basement (that’s us) is 100% a horror-theme game (parody of horror escape rooms), complete with fake blood and body parts. However, the game is not very scary, has some low lighting and noises but no actors.

Also, fyi: our game is wheelchair friendly and accessible for deaf players even with the split start. It is recommended that at least one person in your group can crawl, but if accommodations need to be made please write it in the notes when booking.

Last Supper at Quest Tavern has an actor and is horror themed, but isn’t really scary. It is however, really really fun.

Hex Room at Cross Roads is horror themed but not especially scary. There are no actors. Because of the unique way your group is divided up, you need a group of 5 to play. If you are afraid to be alone in a room, this might not be your game.

All of the games at Escape Hotel are horror themed and for the most part as scary as you'll find without actors. The whole staff is in spooky character theme. But, in the games there are usually no actors. Unless, you have signed up for a special event.

Weeping Witch also at Cross Roads Escape Room isn’t really horror in theme but more spooky themed. It does have an actor. There is darkness and jump scares, but the actor will not grab you. The scares in this game are beautifully set up and feels more like the suspense is where the fear is focused. I consider this game scary.

The Basement escape rooms in Sylmar are definitely horror themed. They are scary with actors. The Elevator shaft doesn't have an actor in the room with you, but the rest do. This company is unique in that all of their games fit together to tell one singular story.

All of the games at Quest Room are thrill theatre. I would say the scariest are Resurrection, Maladiction and of course Project Minotaur. The Minotaur will chase you and possibly catch you, I don't believe the actors touch you in the other games.

The Butcher at Deceptive Games, The Hide at Escape Room ERA, Lampkin Lane at Confusion Escapes, The Silence & Silence 2 at The 13th Room are SCARY horror games in the area with actors that come after you.

The most extreme horror escape rooms with actors that will touch you are MurderCo at Black Market Escapes and Zoe Reborn at Escapade Games in extreme mode.

Return to Coulrophobia at Deceptive Games and The Harvest at Kings Eye Escape brief interactions with actors but I wouldn't necessarily consider them scary.

There are also horror themed games at 60 Out, PanIQ Room, Maze Rooms, Escape X, Wild Goose, Legacy Escape Rooms, and Wizards and Wires but I would say they are not scary and there are no actors. However, if you are easily scared then you might find these are scary enough for you.

We hope this list helps you to decide on the games that are the scare level you are looking for.



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