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ThE School of Sorcery


The School of Sorcery

Chapter 2 | Return to the Unspeakable

(Difficulty 2/3) - 38% Pass Rate

It's your second semester at wizard school. You must undergo a series of magical exams to prove your abilities. Conjure up spells, and concoct potions with your classmates. However, be wary, dark things lurk the halls of our school. Be prepared to battle the evils inside. 

Tickets - Booking Information

  • Games are currently always private.

  • All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. Please be absolutely certain of the number of players in your party. 

  • Rescheduling must be done in a timely manner. Rescheduling is possible with a nominal $50 rescheduling fee.  

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the game.  The game starts promptly at the reservation time and players need to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time to check in. Late arrivals will not be accepted.

  • We can accommodate groups larger than 10 for our games, extra players must pay at the door.


  • Price per Person: $35 / 1 Hour

  • Minimum Requirement of 3 People to Play - Very advanced players may be able to play with two.

Book Tickets Below:

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