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Careers at Exit Game

Mechanical Engineer Wanted

The Exit Game - Monterey Park, CA

Full-Time - 2 positions avialable


How to apply:  By mail, or email

Company Website:


Two positions Available. The overall job duties are related to new product development and

continuous improvement of electrical and mechanical props. Mechanical design with CAD

software and manufacture of game props' physical and structure part. Design and fast

prototyping of game props' electrical control circuits, which includes analog and digital

electronics. Develop game control software using C, C++ language on embedded system

platforms. Conduct engineering analysis when failures occur in products. Recommend design

modifications to improve stability and structural reliability. Requires Master’s degree in

mechanical engineering or related fields. Proficiency of mechanical design with computer

aided design software (CAD) and mechanical manufacture; Knowledge in electric circuit

analysis, digital and analog electronics and electric machinery control; Proficient in C, C++

programming; Knowledge in embedded system control and microcontroller unit (MCU)'s

application; Knowledge in engineering analysis.


Send resume & cover letter to The Exit

Game LLC, 111 N. Atlantic Blvd, Suite 148, Monterey Park, CA 91754.

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